One Forex Trading Strategy

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One Forex Trading Strategy

How To Stick To One Forex Trading Strategy

Learn this forex blog from forex friend loan, how to stick to one forex trading strategy, Before you plunge into one of the most liquid, unpredictable and profitable forex markets in the world, there are some things that you should know about before putting your money in the hands of a brokerage. When money is involved, there are a lot of things you should consider, and these are the key to developing one Forex trading strategy, for you to start making a profit.  For instance, there is a great deal of money management that must be put in place before you run off with a lot of hope in your pocket. Hope is not going to pay the bills. Your money is and you need to know when and how much of your money you are going to use.

Always set yourself some realistic targets and limits to ensure that you do not spend too much money. Also, do not fall prey to the gambling endemic that is afflicting many Forex traders – this means they simply cannot stop trading no matter how much they lose and they often make irrational decisions in order to ‘win’ back the money that they have lost.


Set yourself some parameters and stick to them, you will regret the fact that your account has run dry and you start to owe the brokerage a sum of money. Also, always have some risk capital on hand so that when things do go wrong, you will be able to bail yourself out. The total sum of your investment and risk capital should be an amount that you are able to afford.

Nobody should go into trading with their life savings in tow. The capital you put into the commodities market should be capital you can spend and if you do lose, will not have an adverse effect on your lifestyle. That said, Forex trading is all about watching market patterns and market psychology. Unlike normal and traditional commodities trading, many people would say that the Forex market falls into a pattern when it comes to either a crisis or an upheaval within currencies. Issues like inflation, political violence, and economic decisions can adversely affect the performance of the currency pair you have chosen. But there is always a pattern and this pattern is the structure of many trading strategies of experienced investors.

For example, you must learn that there are many ‘safe’ currencies in the market that investors flock to when there is a wind of a calamity in global economies. This is just one aspect.

Market psychology is ruled by major decisions my collective moves in the market. Because of the fact that huge multi-continental banks are the biggest driving forces in the FX market, they have pre-planned moves when situations come up. Your job as an investor is to read the signs and react accordingly.

The good thing about Forex is that is a very liquid market so you can pull out any time you want – or on the flip side can invest in a click of a mouse. With these in mind when investing, you will have the key to developing the best Forex trading strategy.

3 Key Tips For Developing One Forex Trading Strategy

3 Tips You Should Follow

Having troubles following the same trading strategy? We provide you with 3 essential tips on how to stick to one Forex Trading strategy.

After conducting a lot of research my own, I believe that one of the ways to success in Forex trading is to stick with one simple trading strategy. Most traders don’t follow such practice, while they keep on changing their strategies very often.

How to stick to one Forex Trading strategy

A few believe that the capability to stick to one Forex trading strategy is something that simply happens by itself. However, I believe it takes some time and effort to master one trading strategy. Today, we will discuss how to stay focused on one Forex trading strategy.

1. Fix The Target In Your Mind

As obvious as it might sound, it is necessary to fix your mind about your target. Firstly, choose what you want to become- the Forex full-time trader or a part-time trader?

Furthermore, you need to write down your PRECISE goals and the reason WHY you want to achieve them. This will serve as a great source of the motivation for you. However, it is very important to be as precise as possible, when formulating your goals. For instance, if you just write that you want to make more money, this is not concrete.

But for example, if your goal is to manage your money so you can travel to Paris with your significant other, this might help you to stick to your trading strategy. This works because your mind is more motivated in order to get closer to the goal.


2. Ignore The Unnecessary Info

I believe that you need to limit the information that enters your mind. This implies that you don’t need to try and be best at everything – choose something that interests you. However, I am not calling for you to close yourself from the information completely. It is very important to choose 3 – 4 topics that you like and become great at them.

In order to master one trading strategy in Forex, you need to focus your attention on it. If you see some information on the internet about this, proceed and read it. In oppose to that, if you see some controversial topic, I suggest skipping it.

One more point here: usually, newcomers in Forex try and read about everything at once, while searching for something like “how to trade Forex successfully”. I believe that the key here is to be more specific, as it will bring you real results.

Furthermore, you will need to really be patient and spend a lot of time mastering your trading execution. I recommend making it a habit to learn something new every day about the topic you are trying to master.

3. Understand How Your Forex Trading Strategy Works

Very often, we tend to switch to a new strategy when things are not really going as we planned it. We notice that our trading strategy is not really bringing the results we were expecting. However, is it really things going bad or is this a usual drawdown for our strategy?

Most of the time, it is the second option. I suggest testing the current strategy at a different point in time. It might show you the very similar drawdown. Do you think you are able to stick to one Forex trading strategy?


One Forex Trading Strategy